T.S -G.O's & Proceedings

*Digital timings for HS in telangana

*Utilization of Funds towards implementation of RMSA FY 2017 -18

*Telangana increment - Clarifications (TG Increment treated as FPI in surrender Leave/encashment of ELs) 

*Pay and Allowance Clarifications
*L.Dis.No.572/C2/-2/96  Commissioner & DSE   Dt.10.10.1997 (Clarification on 21 Days Spl.CLS to service associations)
*GOMS NO 470 GAD Date:29.11.1995 (21days Spl.CL's to Service Associations Representing in AP. Civil Service Associations)
*Sakula Janula Samme model Proceeding in telugu 
*Application Form for Child Care Leave 
*Teachers Unified Service Rules Gazette Notification for TS & AP
*TS GO.91 dt 23.05.2017 for Payment of 10th PRC Salary Arrears from 02-06.2016 to 28-02-2015  to TS Employees
*RC.406 Dt.3-5-17 Sanction of Earned Leaves to HMs & Clerical Staff during Summer Vacation for  SSC Adv Supl 
*T S G.O Ms No-4 Enhancement of Readers Allowance to  Visually Handicapped ,in RPS, 2015
*TS GO.4 DT.5.1.2016 Minimum Required Service for Promotion is Reduced 3 to 2 Years
*RMSA Grants Audit Proforma 2014-15 & UC
*Rc.359 dt.4.11.15 RMSA Telangana School Annual Grants 2015-16 Utilization Guidelines and Instruction
*PFRDA Circular NPS/CPS Fund Withdrawal Request Through Online Only - Complete Details
*PFRDA Circular - Clarification of Deferred Withdrawal of lump sum amount of CPS and NPS
*GO.83 dt.5.12.15  Flag Day Fund Rates Enhanced in  Telangana
*GO.151 Dt.16-10-15 PRC-2015 GIS Revised Slab Rates
*TS GO.27 dt.24.9.15 Enhancement of reimbursement of education Tuition fees from Rs.1000 to Rs.2500
*GO No.112,Dt.22.08.15 GIS Communication of Tables of Benefits for Savings Fund 
*TS GO.109 dt.29.7.15 Encashment of Half Pay Leave at Retirement Time
*DA with Basic Pay for calculation of Retirement Gratuity memo
*TS GO.99 dt.21.07.15 Pensioners Gratuity Enhanced Rs.12 Lakhs
*TS GO.103 dt.24.7.2015 PHC Allowance Enahanced to Rs.2000 in PRC 2015
*TS PRC GO 56  Dt:020.05.2015 Special Pays and Allowances
*GO.47 dt.21.4.2015 Special Pay to Typists and Stenographers in PRC,2015
*GO.46 dt.21.4.2015 Adtnal HRA in lieu of Rent Free Quarters in RPS,2015
*AAS RPS,2015 G.O. 38 Fin.Dept. Dt.15.04.2015 (T.S) 
*Loans and Advances in RPS 2015 G.O.39(T.S)

*House Building Advance in RPS,2015 G.o.37 Dt.10.04.2015(T.S)

*Memo No 1663 dt.7.4.15 Spl.VVs - SPP-I Scale  Clarification (T.S)

*Procedural Instructions for fixation of pay  in the Revised Pay Scales, 2015(T.S)

*GO.25 DT.18.3.2015 PRC 2015 - T.S

*GO.26 DT.18.3.15 NEW DA in PRC 2015 -T.S

*GO.27 DT.18.3.15 HRA in PRC 2015 - T.S

*GO.28 DT.18.3.15 NEW CCA Alowanced in PRC 2015 - T.S

*TS GO.12 dt.16.6.15 The Teachers Transfers Rules 2015

*TS Rc.405 dt.12.6.15 Implementation of CCE and PS,UPS & High School Time Tables
*SA-3 Exams for I-IX classes from 1-4-15 to 11-4-15 RC.405 Dt.19-4-15 (TS)
*GO.3 dt.26.8.14 New Timings for PS UPS and High Schools in Telangana State 
*GO.17 Reforms in SSC and 9th Class from 2014-15
*AAS RPS 2015 - GO MS No 38 Dated 15-04-2015
*Procedural Instructions for fixation of pay  in the Revised Pay Scales, 2015(TS) 


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