It will help to file 24G in easy way to create BIN Numbers .

Follow below steps

1 Download .text file pertaining to 24G Filling

2 Convert .Text file to Excel file

3 Copy data (header wise) from excel (converted) file >>>Select first cell in DDO DETAIL SHEET (this excel file ) with matching header rows in 24G data sheet (where you want Past )>>click on right side mouse while keeping curser in first cell >>on popup menu select Past special>>> values>>>ok

4 then check all details are correct showing in DDO Details

5 After conformation of correctness in 24G DDO DETAILS DATA SHEET >>>then Copy column  wise details from  this DDO Details sheet>> then paste column wise in 24G UTILITY(Select cell where you want paste)

6 Pasting values in 24G Utility : select cell>>>then click on right side of mouse >>>Select option "Paste from excel"

7 After completion of fill-up details in 24G Utility >>then click on create file>>Generate 24G.FVU  >> Same upload in AO account login

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