SSC Nominal Roll Software for Telangana state Academic Year 2019-20

*SSCNominal Roll software for Telangana state (A.Y 2019-20) 9.3 MB  30.09.2019

*SSCNominal Roll software for Telangana state (A.Y 2018-19) 9.3 MB  19.06.2019
            (Don't use copy,paste option while entering data in NR DATA sheet)

  1. This software prepared for Telangana up to 350 students  for all mediums.don't give       unnecessary space between letters in names in DATA sheets.
  2. Enter student details in DATA sheet only then go to Alphabetical order sheet to check all values are correct or not,if any values are wrong that particular values to be check in data shee
  3. Date format must be DD.MM.YYYY.

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