Model proceeding

Proceedings of The Mandal Educational Officer M.P.Tekmal
Present R.Laxman Msc.,M.Ed
Proc. No. A2/12/2015
Leave Rules-Recommendation of RPS-2015 Encashment  of Half Pay Leave in respect of Smt T.Shankar Rao,SGT MPPS Tekmal- Sanction Orders - Issued.
1.GO.MS.No 208 Education,Dt 16-08-1975
2.GO.Ms.No 154. Finance FR-I  Department Dated  04.5.2010
3.GO.Ms.No 109 Finance HRM-III Department Dated 29.07.2015
4.Application of the Individual.
                  Smt T.Shankar Rao,SGT,MPPS Tekmal has retired from his Govt.service due to Superannuation  She  has put in 34Years approved and Pensionable Sevice  She has put 900 Days Half Pay Leaves Credit as on the date of Her retirement. Shewas encashed 300Days Earned Leaves and got the Consequent benefits as per rules
                  Thus She  is eligible for the encashment of Half Pay Leave of 0 Days subject to the conditions that Her total no of days of Earned Leave +  leave on Half pay Half Pay put together  shold not exceed 300 days. Hence The Mandal Educational Officer M.P.Tekmal is Pleased to sanction and calculated Half Pay Leaves as per formula given below
Cash Payment in lieu of Half Pay Leave component

No of days of HPL at credit subject to the total of EL and HPL at credit not exceeding 300 days
HPL Salary admissible on the date of retirement + DA admissible on that date                ------------------------------------                                                          
                  She  drawing the Basic Pay of Rs.35120 in the Scale of  35120-87130 at the time of retirement D.A admissible is 8.906%.Hence the HPL encashment amount of Rs.0.00 Only may be drawn and paid to the incumbent.
                  The Individual is informed that if any excess payments are noticed at a latter date in audit due to erroneous fixation of Pay,such excess amount shall be reocovered from Him in lumpsum with out any further notice.
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Mandal Educational Officer
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Smt.T.Shankar Rao Retired SGT
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  1. sir final encashment of El and hpl software RPS 2020

  2. If EL nil HPL 120 are claims final encashment