Pay bill software for high school
*Pay bill software useful for high school for 50 members.
This softwate is included 1. Pay bill 2.D.A bill 3.E.L surrender bill
Pay bill.:-those who want to prepare pay bill for particular month enter details only in ddo data sheet and then pay data sheet . enter details only in green colour cells
FIRST STEP:Enter details in DDO data Sheet
SECOND STEP:Enter employee  pay particulars  in PAY  DATA SHEET
1)  Enter Present basic pays in yellow colour cells in PAY  DATA SHEET. (without including increment  in this month)
2) P.TAX & CPS Calculated atomatically.if P.TAX  enter in the cells that values will be considered as for concerned individual
3)Total number of teachers select for this month  by selecting" YES"  which are present on second coloumn B  in  Pay Data Sheet.
4) Change Basic pays & Scales according to the new PRCs  present on  PAY  DATA SHEET.
5) Hide unnecessary rows in any sheet (or)  use filter  By  select number ' 1 ' in filter drop down every time after changing the  pay bill    to hide unnecessary rows)
6) Enter all employee Personal details only in Pay Data Sheet (From Coloumn AK TO AO)
7) Enter all details in Pay data sheet  regarding to DA particulars except BASIC PAYS,AAS ,PROMOTION & EL SURRENDER Particulars in DA Data sheet

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