AAS SOFTWARE :When you use this software keep some points in mind

  • Enter correct D.O.J in the present cadre
  • Then select AAS SCALE Applicable i,e  SG .SPP-IA,SPP-IB.SPP-II
  • Then select "pay bill period upto"
  • If anything not applicable for you  ,select no change or not applicable

Instructions on  entering AAS excel data sheet  :
1) After editing all your data in green colour cells ,enter D.A & HRA values up to pay bill month  in  " L & R " coloumns in data sheet  if they are wrong in yellow colour cells.  
2) any cells if not applicable in AAS  EXCEL SOFTWARE  ignore them.
3) Hide un necessary rows in difference statement by selecting  " 1" in any sheet (Present right side of sheet) of AAS  EXCEL SOFTWARE
                                   CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AAS SOFTWARE 

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